Buzz Wearable was a startup created in 54 hours during Boulder Startup Week 2015. Our team formed and created a bracelet that with a breathalyzer to help people check if they are safe to drive. Near end of the 54 hours we pitched our startup to several judges and placed 3rd in our region. That made us eligible for entry to the Global Startup Battle (GSB). For entry to GSB tracks, we had to create a video in 48 hours and then had a month to get people to vote. Although we did not win any of the tracks the creation was fast and a fun learning experience.


Our leader and industrial designer, Chelsea Young, created a working prototype of Buzz Wearable during the weekend. It is a 3D printed bracelet that had a breathalyzer in it. She also modeled what a more finalized product would look like.



App displays your BAC and lets you know if you are within the legal limit to drive. If you aren't the app shows you options to call a friend Uber, Lyft, or taxi to pick you up.



Buzz Wearable placed third at our regional competition making us eligible for the Global Startup Battle (GSB). To enter, we had 48 hours to make a video pitch showcasing our work and enter into specific GSB tracks. I took lead in creating the video with the help of John Lowery and Olga Correll. Together we created a script, found photos, designed, and edited the pitch.


Thank You!