For my senior thesis, I took on the process of adapting the book Ready Player One to another medium, into a video game. In addition, I adapted a pair of gloves using the Makey-Makey to play the game. The goal was to have an interactive exhibit for the thesis show and I was excited to have a product people could come out and play.

The book Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline, is about Wade Watts who lives out his life in the popular game called the OASIS. The OASIS is the basis for life: you go to school there, get a job, fall in love...etc. When James Halliday (also known as the wizard Anorak), the creator of the game, dies he creates a competition to find easter eggs and keys. The winner will win riches and glory, as well as ownership of the game.

In the book, the players who join in the competition to find the eggs are commonly called Gunters, combining the words 'egg' and 'hunter'. The mark of a true Gunter is when someone has created their own game.  The game map of Gunter is inspired by the layout of a Dungeons & Dragons game because Parzival (Wade Watts) has to navigate the same terrain to obtain the first key.
Below is a poster design I had hanging at the interactive exhibit.
The concept of the game is to pick up "easter" eggs like Parzival did through the book. When you've found all 10 you can then get the key and pass through the gate at the end. This is the game in its final state for the CCAD 2015 Ad Graph thesis show. I'm proud of the amount I accomplished in the short 4 months it took from concept to fully playable game.
These are some photos of the game gloves in action. I had a lot of fun learning how to use the Makey Makey to create the gloves. 
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